Help BH&B give back!

We, at Balanced Health & Beauty find ourselves unable to ignore the growing crisis at our border. The overwhelming influx of unaccompanied children that have, more often than not, been detained in sub-par conditions is a tragic circumstance. We remain politically neutral in immigration policy, however, we find ourselves unable to ignore the thought of children going without food, proper clothing, bedding, or hygienic conditions.

That being said, we ask for your help.

There are many relief efforts set up in McAllen, Texas including assistance from the Red Cross and efforts from The Food Bank at Rio Grande Valley. Balanced Health & Beauty is donating all proceeds to The Sacred Heart Church, which has volunteers working around the clock to assist these families and children.

For every donation you make, Balanced Health & Beauty will double your donation in price of a service of your choice. For example, if you donate $50, we will send your charitable donation to our selected charity and will give you a $100 credit towards the service or service package of your choice.

Please call or click the picture for more information.