Introducing Our New Favorite Line--Epionce

We at Balanced Health & Beauty pride ourselves at being absolutely committed to using the very best products available for our clients, specifically focusing on products we know will penetrate the skin and truly make a difference to heal, treat, and protect.

That being said, we are happy to announce we are now carrying the Epionce line which focuses on healing the skin from within. Epionce is clinically proven by numerous independent research organizations to penetrate the skin, strengthen the mechanisms previously existing underneath the skins’ surface, restore its barrier, and (most importantly) reduce inflammation.

Epionce has been proven to treat multiple skin conditions, ranging from acne, eczema, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, radiation dermatitis, and more.

Our BH&B staff spent the past few weeks playing with the products and has come across a few favorites...

The Lytic Gel Cleanser is a unanimously agreed upon favorite of ours. Our knowledgeable aestheticians (Stefany and Suzanne) like the fact this cleanser is formulated to actively remove oils, dead skin cells and help eliminate harmful microbes, while relieving inflammation and smoothing the skin. The rest of us, on the other hand, particularly enjoy the cooling sensation caused by the menthol ingredient afterwards.

Personally, I enjoy the convenience of the Purifying Toner. I apply a quick, refreshing spritz during the middle of the day when I know and can visibly see the oil buildup on my face. A quick pat down with a cloth or towel and I can watch the Purifying Toner refresh my skin and combat my naturally oily complexion. Stefany, on the other hand, enjoys the fact that the Purifying Lytic Toner is an active, non-stripping, soothing formulation that helps control excess oil production and destructive microbes, while balancing my skin's natural pH.

Lindy’s favorite is by far the Lytic Sport Tx, which is suitable for her texture and is highly effective in helping any oil buildup in just a few days of treatment. Suzanne recommends we apply it as a serum in our daily skin-care regimens by applying the Lytic Sport Tx immediately after cleansing the face and allowing it to penetrate for a few minutes before applying moisturizer and sunscreen. I like to use mine at night as well, due to my particularly oily complexion. Both Lindy and I have seen immediate results within the same week of beginning use.

Both Suzanne and Stefany agree the Ultra Shield Sunscreen lotion, which has an SPF of 50 is perfect for providing your daily protection from the harmful UV rays—especially during our Texas Summer. If you have ever received a treatment from either of our wonderful and experienced aestheticians, you will know they try as hard as they can to implore every client to protect themselves by using sunscreen on both the face and décolleté area EVERY DAY. That being said, the fact they both agree this product provides the ultimate protection proves the effectiveness of this particular sunscreen.

More information about our new line is provided underneath the Skin Care tab, including active ingredients. We encourage you to come in and try our line. You’ll love it as much as we do!


The Staff at Balanced Health & Beauty