Facials: One Size Does Not Fit All

I may be slightly biased, but I feel incredibly blessed to have built a business in one of the greatest cities: Austin, TX. Our clients range from all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds and it’s one of the fundamental reasons I love what I do. Variety is the spice of life! Realizing this concept, our staff specializes in serving our clients’ needs and ensuring the right skin care plan is developed and uniquely built for YOU!

During the month of August, we’re promoting customized facials for the whole family: from dads to moms and of course, our favorite, the teen-facial. Why is it that we spend an entire month focusing on this? Very simple, skincare is not one size fits all.

Facials Austin - Custom

One of the most common concerns a new client may have is feeling overwhelmed at the variety of skincare products available on the market. Finding just the right product for each member of the family can be challenging. I completely understand and honestly that’s why consultations are so important. Truth is, each family member probably needs their own personalized regimen to ensure their skincare needs are being met. 

Whether you’re looking to get rid of acne, relieve stress, reduce fine lines and wrinkles or unwanted hair or just soften & smooth rough skin, we’re here to help. Our team of certified aestheticians build life-long relationships with clients because we want to ensure that time after time you are seeing the results you long for. 

As a small, locally owned business nothing is more important to our staff than ensuring that you are receiving the care YOU need. Check out our online offers for more information and make your family’s skincare a priority!

If you have any questions, please be sure to reach us on our social media pages or call and schedule your Free consultation today!

Summertime Dos and Don’ts

Summertime Spa Austin

As the owner of Balanced Health & Beauty, I’ve had the privilege of educating, consulting, and treating many patients over the years. I pride our small business on the ability to get to know each and every one of our clients and see the subtle and sometimes drastic changes that our treatments deliver. Though patients want to dive in head-first, summertime isn’t always the best time to get treatments done. Below is a quick overview of tips for summertime dos and don'ts!

  1. Laser Hair Removal: Many clients want to prioritize smooth underarms and legs for summer, and I don’t blame them. However, with excessive exposure to the sun, this is not the time to focus on these treatments. Sun exposure makes the skin more sensitive to heat, meaning the heat from the laser may cause hyperpigmentation, burns and in severe cases scarring. Direct, prolonged sun exposure should be avoided approximately one to two weeks prior and one to two weeks after treatment.

  2. Botox: One of my favorite sayings is that “an educated client is a great client.” Botox is one of the best preventative treatments patients can focus on during the hot summer months. Botox treatments can prevent the wrinkles that excessive sun exposure causes and also helps with hyperhidrosis which is extreme perspiration in the underarm area and soles of feet.In fact, we’re even focusing on Botox specials throughout the month of July. Check out our social media pages for more info Facebook and Instagram

  3. Sunscreen: Some of you are reading this thinking - DUH! But, you’d be shocked at how many people actually wear sunscreen every day, very very few. There are so many patients who prioritize fitness out in the summer sun; running, walking, riding a bike, swimming, yet they neglect the most important organ - their skin! This summer do make effort to get a great sunscreen, especially out in the Austin sun. Here is one of my favorite products! 

  4. Facials: Facials are one of the many skin care routines that are highly encouraged to be continued during the warm summer months! Facials are not “one size fits all” and can be customized to fit the needs of your skin. Facials help repair skin from a more active lifestyle and constant sun exposure, although, like most treatments- prolonged sun exposure should be avoided for about 48 hours and accompanied with the use of sunscreen. 

  5. Peels: Chemical peels should be a genuine staple in your skin care routine, however, during the summer months, it is critically important to be careful since peels leave the skin unprotected to damaging sun rays. UVA/UVB rays are more damaging during the summer months causing premature skin aging and wrinkles. Chemical peels work best while avoiding the sun, which is really hard to do when everyone is inviting you out to the lake! 

If you have any questions, please be sure to reach us on our social media pages or email me directly.

A Warm Welcome

Welcome to Balanced Health & Beauty’s Blog!

First and foremost, the staff would like to thank our wonderful patients for their commitment and cooperation to helping them not only improve the quality of their outward appearance, but improve their overall health and well being.

These blog posts and those that follow will be written with the intention of providing enlightening information on both the do's and don’ts of proper skin care. Additionally, we hope to properly educate our readers and patients in their overall personal wellness habits, so they may make informed personal decisions in the future.

The majority of information henceforth will be provided by our licensed aestheticians, both of whom exceed 20 years of skin care experience, as well as our on-staff Physicians Assistant. Any additional compiled information will be cited with credible blog and health sources.

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