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Our practice specializes in Natural Complimentary Alternative Medicine and provides an integrative medical approach by collaborating with conventional or general medical providers.

We will work with specialists as well to help develop A multidisciplinary approach to medicine, providing the maximum therapeutic benefit for our patients. 

Our goal will also be to provide a forum and be a conduit of information on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of health and beauty maintenance.

Balanced Health & Beauty wants to make you the best you can be. In order to do that we start by focusing on your body’s innate healing power and intelligence, we empower you to generate wellness in your body not just today, but for the rest of your life. Through the blending of integrated medical practices and newer technologically advanced aesthetic procedures along with anti-aging and hormonal medicine, state of the art detoxification, weight management and movement we can empower you with confidence, health, and beauty naturally. Balanced Health & Beauty will seek out the latest credible information; services and products developed by medical and natural science and bring them to you.